Creativity in clay

'King Marbo' by Lachie (age 9)

To coincide with Mary and Max: The Exhibition, we asked you to put your creative skills to the test in our Create a Character Competition. We’ve received some fabulous entries so far, such as ‘King Marbo’ by 9-year-old Lachie.King Marbo (pictured above) loves doughnuts and has a bit of weight problem  – either his belly is too big or his shirts are too small!

From Safiye we received this gorgeous snap of her character ‘Eyres’, an artist, who “feels like she’s in the wrong century.” She has a crush on deceased Hollywood hunk Errol Flynn and enjoys eating olives for breakfast.

'Eyres' by Safiye

'Eyres' by Safiye

8-year-old Joshua sent us this pic of his clay creation ‘Billy the Possum’. Billy is “a very clever and mischievous possum, who originally lived in Adelaide but now travels around Australia having interesting adventures and meeting new and exciting friends.”


'Billy the Possum' by Joshua (aged 8)

'Billy the Possum' by Joshua (age 8)

Nicole sent us this photo of ‘Silverai Franklin’, a 16-year-old Brisbane resident who is colour blind and twitches every time she sees a misplaced button. Her favourite food is cheese ball crisps and she likes to wear colourful clothes.

'Silverai Franklin' by Nicole (age 14)

'Silverai Franklin' by Nicole (age 14)

Thanks to the creativity of all who have entered so far – we will be showcasing more of your brilliant work on the ACMI website soon.

Of course there’s still time to bust out the clay, get your hands dirty and sculpt your own character (entries close April 30). The winner will receive a photographic print from Mary and Max signed by Adam Elliot, plus a DVD of the film.

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