Filming in Moyne Shire

Looking out over Yambuk Lake from the hills of Deen Maar

Looking out over Yambuk Lake from the hills of Deen Maar

The crew from the ACMI In the Regions project recently visited the towns of Caramut, Port Fairy and Yambuk in Moyne Shire, south western Victoria. When we could get them off the Yambuk Slide, they filed this report.

On Location
Crew: Kim Montgomery, Csilla Csongvay, Dean Lawry, Simon Walshe, Glenda Tarle and Matt Blackwood

OK, so the first thing you need to know is that Dean has a ‘thing’ for cows. Wherever we go, whatever story we film, we return with lots of footage of cows.  After this trip we can add water buffalo to the list also.

Water Buffalo No.643 enquires about the catering

Water Buffalo No.643 enquires about catering

For the most part we worked in crews of three and in five days filmed nine stories from three towns within the Moyne Shire. The towns and people of Port Fairy, Caramut and Yambuk are very different and diverse but equally welcoming and interesting.

In Yambuk the crew met with Geoff Clark and were taken on a tour of the Deen Maar Indigenous Protected Area property. There is incredible history in this area, not only of the land but in its relationship to the island of Deen Maar just off the coast of Yambuk. The island is one of the most significant sites for the Victorian Indigenous population.

Geoff Clark at the Deen Maar Indigenous Protected Area

Geoff Clark at the Deen Maar Indigenous Protected Area

You can’t mention Yambuk without talking about the ‘Yambuk Slide’. The original slide was replaced a couple of years ago and debate is still raging about the quality of the ride of this new one. As you can see, our crew undertook some independent research.

Important research is carried out on the Yambuk Slide

Important research is carried out on the Yambuk Slide

What this image doesn’t tell you is that this story was filmed a short time after a particularly bad storm. Kim was the first brave soul to slide down, very kindly taking all the water with her. She was drenched. The rest followed, including Dean and camera (Disclaimer: no equipment was harmed in the filming of this story).

One of the many highlights of working on these projects is the people we meet and Katie Wise was one such highlight.

Katie is a single mother of two who was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s documentary Jamie’s School Dinners to improve the canteen at her daughter’s school. She now runs the canteen and cooks what she calls ‘food without numbers’.

Filming Katie and the kids

Filming with Katie and kids

A further highlight was time we spent with artists Ben and Helen Fennessey, who recently moved to Port Fairy to start working on the renovation of an 1850s stone cottage.

The Fennessey's temporary accommodation

Not quite circa 1850s: the Fennessey's temporary accommodation

ACMI In the Regions travels throughout the state of Victoria celebrating through documentary the sense of community and identity in regional towns.

Stories are available to watch in the Australian Mediatheque at ACMI with a selection also available on the website here

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