Next stop…Melbourne!

Jenny He, Tim Burton and Ron Magliozzi at the MoMA exhibition opening in New York

Jenny He (Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film, MoMA), Tim Burton and Ron Magliozzi (Assistant Curator, Department of Film, MoMA) at the exhibition opening in New York

On Monday, the Tim Burton exhibition closed its doors at New York’s The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) which means one very important thing…next stop, Melbourne! 

Here at ACMI, we are overflowing with excitement about this exhibition. Not only are we thrilled to be hosting Tim Burton himself, we are also happy to be welcoming a number of international guests such as the curators of the MoMA exhibition, Ron Magliozzi and Jenny He, as well as MoMA director Glenn Lowry. I spoke with Jenny quickly about the impact, appeal and breathtaking popularity of the exhibition.      

With 810,500 visitors, the exhibition has been nothing short of a phenomenon in New York. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it features over 700 pieces and artworks – most coming from Tim Burton’s personal archive and never before exhibited in a gallery – revealing the full breadth of Burton’s artistic output to new and eager audiences.

The chance to give visitors such inspirational experiences is one of the privileges of working as a curator and Jenny says, “It has been extraordinary seeing so many people encounter Tim’s work, mostly for the first time as approximately 70% of the exhibition had never been exhibited or published before.”    

The exhibition stretches to include Burton’s student films, unrealised projects from his time as an apprentice animator at Walt Disney Studios, ongoing series of artworks and large-scale Polaroid photographs, hand-drawn character studies for Burton’s films including Batman (1989), Edward Scissorhands (1990) and Alice in Wonderland (2010) as well as costumes, props, maquettes, models and much, much more!      

The sheer range of pieces has had captivated audiences in New York. “Walking through the exhibition during public hours” Jenny says, “I heard a visitor remark, ‘I could spend hours looking at each drawing.'”      

As the June 24 opening date creeps closer, people from all over ACMI are working furiously to prepare every last detail. From co-ordinating shipping and freight to producing exhibition labels, from finalising the public programs to printing the exhibition catalogue, it’s all hands on deck until we open the door and hand the exhibition over to the general public.      

MoMA have certainly set the bar very high, and Jenny is looking forward to the exhibition’s next incarnation. As she says, “The international reception of the exhibition has been tremendous, and I’m so glad we could take it to Melbourne.  I’m excited to see the evolution of the exhibition at ACMI.” 

– Kate Warren, Assistant Curator, ACMI

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2 Responses to “Next stop…Melbourne!”

  1. celluloidtongue 30. Apr, 2010 at 6:20 am #

    Very much enjoyed this at the MoMA. Biggest misgiving was the lack of screening space for the Hansel and Gretel short, which was relegated to a tiny screen on a wall in what quickly became a claustrophobic nook of the exhibition space. Hopefully ACMI will utilise its exhibition area’s screening room to display this rare (and very fun) piece of content.

  2. Darren 18. May, 2010 at 12:13 am #

    I haven’t looked forward to an exhibition more in a long time. Counting down the days! Unfortunately, I missed out on a ticket to the masterclass, if anyone has one, and wants to sell it – give me a shout!

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