Who says it’s hard to make friends?

There are certainly enough hot tips about the place to suggest that it’s difficult to make friends. How to Win Friends and Influence People, one of the most famous self-help books of all time, has sold 15 million copies worldwide. 

A simple Google search on ‘how to make friends’ returns this wikiHow advice

Parents tell their kids to be nice if they want to make friends.

Facebook has the function to ask somebody to be your friend.

I say, roll-over your eating, breathing, sleeping, talking, high-maintenance human friends and take our tutorial with these kids – and roll your own clay friend.

Making your own friend, with Harmony and Julian: a step-by-step guide.

Harmony and her little brother Julian dropped by the Kids in the Studio workshop at ACMI to provide us with some advice on how easy it is to make a friend.

Step 1
 Find something to make your friend out of. This really could be anything. Pens draw good ones on paper, toilet rolls with woolly hair, Lego people, stockings with dirt in them, even a cabbage with a couple of peanuts for eyes (although they’re not usually friends for life) – I could go on forever! Harmony and Julian’s recommended medium however is plasticine or clay.

Harmony and Julian at Kids in the Studio

Harmony and Julian at Kids in the Studio

Step 2  Brainstorm. Think laterally. Julian has decided that he’d like his friend to be a five-tiered Harry Potter inspired torte.

Julian display his torte-building wizadry

Julian displaying his torte-building wizardry

Step 3  Get a picture in your mind of the friend you want to make. Consider what you’re looking for in a mate: from the way you fancy they’d look, or perhaps some superpowers they might possess. The possibilities are endless when you’re the boss.

Step 4  Shmoosh your clay into a friendly shape. You can see here that Julian and Harmony apply different shmooshing techniques. Julian is more of a ‘roller’ while Harmony ‘squishes’. Both are effective.

To roll or squish is a personal choice

To roll or squish is a personal choice

Note the extra step Julian is taking in his creative mastery: the tongue-out pose. Often associated with genius, the technique increases the circulation of creative oxygen to the brain and aids concentration in order to get to the cordial faster. You may want to consider this technique when making your friend.

Step 5  Give your friend a name… like Gruesome the Witch Dog.

Gruesome the Witch Dog

Gruesome the Witch Dog

Step 6  Introduce your new friend to the world:

Hello World,
I’d like to introduce you to Gruesome the Witch Dog. You can call her Witchy for short.
Witchy eats worms and cupcakes and lots of other smelly food. She drinks worm juice.
She lives in the forest under a big big tree.
For fun Witchy rides on her broom. Sometimes she says rude words but don’t tell anybody.

Voila – there you have a friend!!

Why not enter your clay friend in our new competition. It’s kinda like an online beauty pageant for plasticine personalities http://www.acmi.net.au/mary_max_competition.aspx

About the artists

In real life Julian and Harmony have lots of really nice friends that don’t drink worm juice and say rude words.

The artists

The artists

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