Tour guides in training

Tim Burton with the young tour guides

Tim Burton with the young tour guides

It was an exciting day for our young Burton Tour Guides yesterday as they got to meet Tim Burton and take a special tour through his exhibition prior to the official opening on Thursday. 

The eight lucky youngsters (ranging in age from 9 to 17) all created video applications displaying their knowledge and passion for Burton’s films and art and were selected from more than 70 applicants (watch their winning videos here).

Yesterday, they undertook the first part of their training. Furnished with video and stills cameras to record the experience, they took a special tour through the exhibition space with one of the curators of the MoMA exhibition, Ron Magliozzi. 

Ron Magliozzi with the Burton Tour Guides

Ron Magliozzi with the Burton Tour Guides

Ron provided them with personal insights about the exhibition and Burton’s artistic development, sharing his knowledge of Burton’s work and giving them tips on how to conduct a great tour.

He also provided additional information about the differences between the MoMA and ACMI exhibitions, including that the original MoMA exhibition did not feature clips from Burton’s films.

The Burton Tour Guides

The Burton Tour Guides

Then it was off to a private audience with Tim Burton, where the tour guides got to ask questions and discover Tim’s motivation and inspiration for many of the works he has created.

Tim Burton meets the tour guides

Tim Burton meets the tour guides

The Burton Tour Guides will each be conducting a public tour through the exhibtion once it opens – stay tuned for dates!

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4 Responses to “Tour guides in training”

  1. Alex Scissorhands 23. Jun, 2010 at 11:56 am #

    I am so, so very jealous! I’m sure they more than fit the mold of Tim Burton’s liking and will make fantastic tour guides! I cannot wait to get down to Melbourne to check it out!

    Will there be any special Tim Burton merchandise for sale at the ACMI shop as a part of the exhibition?

  2. ACMI 23. Jun, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    Alex – Yes, the shop has the exhibition catalogue and many other Burton books available, as well as Corpse Bride and Oyster Boy figurines, and lots more Tim-related memorabilia. The ACMI Store page on the website will be featuring a sample of the merch available soon.

  3. Billie-Jane 23. Jun, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    I would just like to send a huge thanks to Tim Burton, the staff at ACMI and all the lucky winning Tour Guides for an amazing day – Tuesday, 22 June 2010 – the best day of our lives. As “mum” of Paris (one of the winning tour guides), I certainly got a major kick out of meeting Tim Burton and I am still smiling. Thank you to the fellow “winners” besides being extremely wonderful young and very talented people, for being so friendly and making Paris and I “Adelaidians” feel very welcome in Melbourne. We will certainly be heading back to the Exhibition, couldn’t get enough the first time. It is truly an amazing and a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience. Tim Burton, you are, truly an inspiration to the youth of today, who, sometimes, feel different from the rest of society, that believing in your dreams and imagination, can make dreams come true. Again, a must see Exhibition. Not all scribbles are just scribbles, they can become true art and the start of something amazing. Billie-Jane

  4. Esther 25. Jun, 2010 at 12:39 am #

    Haha that was an amazing day!!
    To all the staff of ACMI , thanks for everything, even today…technically yesterday, we’ve passed the midnight marker.
    The exhibition is wonderful, I could spend all day in there and have probably spent a collective 8 hours in there already…it’s been open for like…a day.
    Big thanks to Tim Burton, for not only being that amazing director and idol, who turns out to be a lovely guy, but also for being talented enough to have your own whole exhibition.
    I will collaborate with him one day hahaha.

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