One more set of Burty inspired entries

This is our third tribute to the brilliance of the Tim Burton Tour Guide entrants. As we have lamented before, the selection of 12 winners from this Olympic-sized entry pool was difficult. Very difficult. As a consequence, we couldn’t bear letting some of the near-misses go unnoticed. Cast your eyeballs over these Youtubian spectacles.

Elyssia “Lissy” Bugg channels Kerouac for this super-cool entry in the form of a Beat poem. Elyssia is accompanied by a bass player with slight Chewbecca-esque hair growth issues and a little vested drummer boy. Her reading is slickly delivered and includes enough info about Burton to put the average Wikipedia entry to shame. We look forward to seeing Lissy in the future performing her work in some smoky den of inequity and bohemia; or maybe just On the road? Could we suggest an application for the Open Mic competition on September 9 at our very own Burton Club? Might need some fake ID…

We go from super-cool, to super-cute with young Jessica Zammit and her Nightmare Before Christmas obsessed entry. Jessica takes us on a tour of her bedroom, with its extensive ornament collection, to demonstrate her knowledge and passion for Burton’s films. Jessica, with that much paraphernalia we’re surprised the credit card in your video isn’t maxed out already! Anyhoo, we hope you made it down to the exhibition and maybe acquired some extra Burton thingies from the unique range in our ACMI Store (shameless plug, we know).

See our other 4 profiles here and here.  The last of our eight guides, Sarah Vafidis, will be showing visitors around the exhibition on 26th of September at 11am. Tours are free, but normal exhibition rates apply and numbers are limited to 10.

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