Meet our tour guide: Paris Morrison

Paris Morrison

Paris Morrison dresses the part

Paris loves Tim Burton’s films because they open your imagination and your eyes to other worlds. Her favourite film is the light-hearted The Corpse Bride with the line from Victor, “I have a dwarf and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Paris’s mum is also a huge Burton fan and introduced her to A Nightmare Before Christmas. She also loves Vincent.

Like Tim, Paris loves to draw, especially Japanese manga and she also makes greeting cards with these drawings on them.

Paris Morrison

Join Paris as she looks at what lies within the Burton Exhibition

Paris wishes her friends also knew about Tim Burton, so could enjoy talking to them about his movies and his artwork. Sadly Paris, has been sucked into trans-dimensional vortex and is battling giant worms on a sand planet, but before this unfortunate incident she put together this video about the innards of the Burton exhibition:

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Our final tour guide, Sarah Vafidis, will be showing visitors around the exhibition on 26th of September at 11am. Tours are free, but normal exhibition rates apply and numbers are limited to 10.

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