Meet our Tour Guide: Sarah Vafidis

Sarah Vafidis

Lady in red

Well, this is it. Our final Burton tour guide, Sarah Vafidis, will be showing people around the gallery this weekend. This is your last chance to sign up for a tour and benefit from the wisdom and enthusiasm of youth (well as far as the Burton Exhibition is concerned).

Sarah is excited that Melbourne is the second city, after New York, to host the Tim Burton: The Exhibition.

The first Burton film Sarah set her eyeballs upon was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , followed by The Corpse Bride. She says that her order of watching Burton’s films has no order.

Her favourite Burton films are all stop-motion animation, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride and Vincent. She says that these films inspired her to create her own films.

Sarah Vafidis

Some of Sarah's unearthly and macabre creations

Sarah loves the theme of being caught between two worlds. Having a heart problem, which keeps her isolated from the outside world, Sarah can definitely identify with it. She says, “there is ‘my’ world, and the ‘normal’ world, and it’s hard for me to choose which world I prefer.”

Sarah Vafidis

Two worlds collide

Sarah advises, “You better empty your minds before you enter because you get to have Tim Burton’s mind while you are inside.”

The tour begins at 11am on the 26th of September. Tours are free, but normal exhibition rates apply and numbers are limited to 10. UPDATE! Sarah will be conducting a second tour on Saturday 25th September, same Bat-time (which is 11am).

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