The Tim Burton Fantail

This is the fourth and final in our series looking at some of the amazing entries we had to our Tim Burton tour guide competition.  We had around 3½ hours worth of Youtube uploads and the talent and ingenuity on display by our youthful entrants gave us great hope for the artistic future of this country. (See profiles 1 and 2 and 3).

And if you thought making decisions in a hung parliament was difficult, try choosing 12 winners from the pile of greatness that landed in our inbox.

First up, Lydia Edwards gets her hands dirty and wanders amongst the toadstools in this brilliantly scripted extended fantail to Tim Burton. Lydia shows great skill for location hunting and uses the space to add extra texture to her informed piece. Her small Burton art gallery and the accompanying descriptions of the works show true curatorial talent.

YouTube link

To young Broderick McDonald, can we just say fantastic outfit! While it appears you’re wearing no trousers, the whole look is remarkably kooky-meets-dapper: leather gloves, stripy shirt and something fluffy around your left arm. Nice cane stills too. Broderick’s tight script, obvious enthusiasm and encyclopedic knowledge of Burton’s work, plus his theatrical delivery, make this a truly standout entry. Keep it up Broderick, and don’t let the conformists smother your delightful eccentricity.

YouTube link

We’re down to the the last of our eight  guides: Sarah Vafidis will be showing visitors around the exhibition on 26th of September at 11am and we will upload a special video tour from young Paris Morrison next week. Tours are free, but normal exhibition rates apply and numbers are limited to 10.

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