The game is up!

Lorna encounters the hidden head

Lorna claims her prize

Congratulations to Lorna Hendry, the very lucky winner of our Search for the Hidden Head competition.

Lorna was the first on the scene at Cook’s Cottage in the beautiful Fitzroy Gardens, with a notepad full of answers to our very cryptic clues.

Her lovely family came along for support, and quickly divided up the Tim Burton booty among themselves. Lucky those kids have such a clever mum!

We’ll see Lorna at the opening night of Dreams Come True: The Art of Disney’s Classic Fairy Tales next month.

Early birds form an orderly queue

Earlybirds form an orderly queue

Big congratulations also to our runners up, John McClelland and Anne Leong, who took home an autographed copy of The Art of Tim Burton.

And a huge thanks to the great crowd of people who followed the trail of clues and found us today: Sarah Gregg, Suraindra Rajadurai, Shalini Arunogiri, Milosh Zikic and Bridget Hayes. Each of them clearly has a very big brain.

Tense tie-breaker moment!

Tense tie-breaker moment!

Finally, a special thanks to Jacqueline, Adam and the team at Cook’s Cottage, Fitzroy Gardens, who supported the whole crazy event with big smiles on their faces.

For those of you still puzzling over the answers, head on over to the ACMI Facebook page.

Lorna and family, loaded up with Burton booty

Lorna and her lovely family, loaded up with Burton booty

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    Congratulations! I wish i was as smart as you! :)

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