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Installing the Mary and Max exhibition

All in the name of duty - checking the 'state-of-clay' on one of the models in the Mary and Max exhibition

Mary and Max: The Exhibition has opened at Geelong Gallery; the first of several regional galleries to host the ACMI touring exhibition, in association with National Exhibition Touring Support (NETS) Victoria.

ACMI’s dedicated staff travelled to Geelong to help mount the exhibition in its new home. The installation was a process of painstakingly preparing (and in some cases repairing) the claymation figurines and objects to a condition where they could be exhibited and toured without damage. This was no mean feat, considering that the materials the objects are made from were never designed to last in the long term. You try leaving plasticine under lights for years and see what happens!

Mary and Max: The Exhibition at Geelong Gallery

Mary and Max: The Exhibition at Geelong Gallery

The show originally opened at ACMI this year in March, giving people the unique opportunity to venture inside the stunning miniature world of the film, Mary and Max.

Oscar-winning writer and director Adam Elliot models (sorry… couldn’t help myself!) his characters and stories on real life experiences to create hilarious, beautiful and affecting animations, or ‘Clayographies’.

Taking several years and millions of dollars to create, Mary and Max wonderfully translates into a fascinating behind-the scenes exhibition which includes character models and sets, costumes, photographs, storyboards, props and footage of the animators at work.

Installing Mary and Max: The Exhibition

Donning the white gloves during installation of the Mary and Max exhibition

Audiences across regional Victoria will now have the opportunity to see first-hand Adam Elliot’s unique vision, along with the artistry and creativity of the various animators, designers and filmmakers whose hard work brought Mary and Max to the screen, and beyond!

For details about the exhibition’s tour through regional Victoria in 2011, visit the ACMI website.

– Catherine Pyers, Exhibitions Project Coordinator

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