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David Stratton at Future Film Critics

David Stratton talks to nine lucky young people at Future Film Critics.

To complement the current Margaret and David exhibition, David Stratton agreed to hold a once-in-a-lifetime mentoring session for a group of aspiring young film critics. Cinephiles from around the country aged 13-20 scrambled to write a film review in under 50 words. Stratton himself hand-picked the best nine, and invited their authors to join him in this exclusive Intermix session – Future Film Critics. These lucky nine had found their golden ticket!

Over afternoon tea, Stratton gave the group an insight into the art of the film review and shared his experiences of the film industry. Below, the youngest participant, Aoife (age 16) shares her reflections of the day and how it felt to meet her modern-day hero. 

David Stratton talks to nine young hopefuls

David Stratton talks to nine young hopefuls

“David Stratton hand-picked nine young people to drink tea and chat with him about all things film, as part of ACMI’s exhibition Margaret and David: 25 Years Talking Movies. I was the youngest of those chosen, and I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I had the idea that film critics weren’t generally the friendliest of people — in the film industry I am predominantly exposed to filmmakers, and they, of course, are not always fond of critics. However, David was congenial, and, unlike some other critics, he said he doesn’t relish in giving a bad review.

He spoke of his childhood, and said that for as far back as he could remember he wanted to watch every film he could, convinced that even watching the bad was worthwhile because it made him appreciate the good. This idea made me think that perhaps I’m a little biased and narrow-minded when it comes to watching films; I have genres like action and sport that I avoid.

I found it interesting that David was passionate about all film, rather than specific genres or movements, and perhaps that’s why he is such a well-known critic: he wants to watch everything.

Chatting with David was great, even if it was a tad daunting. I was chuffed to have been given the opportunity.”

Keep your eye on our Creative Workshops page for more opportunities like this one!

Margarat and David: 25 Years Talking Movies is a free exhibition showing at ACMI until Sunday 4 December.

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  1. flik 15. Sep, 2011 at 2:32 pm #

    Seems like these kids have already faced a hefty load of ageism! You guys look at least 25!

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