Castaway with Marieke Hardy

Shortly after her appearance as our latest Desert Island Flicks Castaway, Marieke Hardy reflected on the evening via Twitter: ‘Pretty certain I appalled a cinema full of nice people at ACMI last night by playing them a clip from the Todd Solondz film Happiness’!

What is for certain is that few people other than Marieke could have handled so deftly and professionally the film’s somewhat colourful and controversial content. As for what we can show you here…

Fortunately, the Melbourne based screenwriter, radio presenter and former child actor chose a slightly less controversial selection in her remaining picks. She revealed This is England, Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and musicals West Side Story and Bugsy Malone amongst her top five flicks of all time.

Hear what Marieke had to say in our video highlights round up.

The Desert Island Flicks program continues on April 12 with award-winning cinematographer, writer, director and artist Warwick Thornton.

Marieke Hardy

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