Behind the Scenes – the ACMI Facelift

You may have noticed that ACMI is having a little work done. A facelift, if you will.

ACMI Entrance

First foot in the door and you’ll notice our symphony of screens.

Holed up in a meeting room for months on end, our design department, facilities team and events team – everyone – have been diligently cultivating our latest milestone for the Alfred Deakin Building. The first of three planned developments for our li’l ol’ home in Federation Square.

First foot in the door and you’ll notice our symphony of screens. Screens in the bulkhead. Screens inset in the desk. Even screens on the back of computer screens. All in situ to make way for our brand new, all singin’ all dancin’ tickets and information desk.

In the mean time, the screens (did we mention the screens?) will cover everything you need to know from ticket times and prices, to exhibition and event details. It’s going to feel like an information high-five.

You may have also noticed the cute temporary cafe which has set up home next to the entrance of Screen Worlds to provide coffee and snacks while the ACMI Lounge undergoes a much needed refurb.


ACMI's temporary café: For all your refreshment needs

What’s going on behind the blue vinyl masking the (former) ACMI Lounge’s makeover is top secret, but I’ve seen the designs myself and, might I say, it’s quite thrilling to see the difference. Gone are the reds and blacks. Gone is the asymmetry. And in its place, a completely new look and feel! Stay tuned for the grand re-opening in mid-2012.

While we get all this going, just follow the hoardings down to the temporary desk, taking in some film-related trivia on the way, where it’s business as usual. Traffic flow might be a little pernickety at times, but bear with us. The outcome will be worth it!

Our temporary Tickets & Information Desk

Our temporary Tickets & Information Desk

We can’t wait to throw back the blue vinyl curtains and reveal our newly polished ACMI to you all. It will be still be ACMI of course, but better than you‘ve ever seen it.

Having said that, I’d better get back to it! See you at the big unveil!

–          Lucy Telford, Facilities Administrator, ACMI

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