Follow Your Nose

Arthurs Creek Primary School students

Arthurs Creek Primary School students explore William Kentridge: Five Themes.

Each exhibition at ACMI is rich with ideas and themes, ready to be discovered by audiences young and old. Our team goes to great lengths to make sure that every exhibition is accessible to people of all ages.

To help make William Kentridge: Five Themes a fun and engaging experience for kids, the team at ACMI designed a kids’ trail to complement the exhibition. Throughout the gallery, special ‘Follow Your Nose’ labels explain key works in the exhibition, and encourage kids to explore these works’ broader themes.

Follow Your Nose

Of course, to create an inspiring and relevant kids’ trail, we needed to do our research. At the end of 2011, we invited the Year 6 class from Arthurs Creek Primary School to visit ACMI to help us out. Excerpts from William Kentridge: Five Themes were screened, and the students were invited to respond to the work, both as a class and in smaller groups. We recorded what some of the students had to say.

After the workshop, ACMI’s Exhibitions and Education teams used the students’ responses to create a customised trail through the exhibition. Some of the labels quote the kids directly; others invite kids to think more deeply about the work and how it might relate to their own life experience. Follow Your Nose is now a permanent part of the William Kentridge: Five Themes exhibition. Go take a look!

William Kentridge: Five Themes is showing daily from Thursday 8 March – Sunday 27 May 2012.

Kentridge Kids' Trail

A ‘Follow Your Nose’ plaque in the William Kentridge: Five Themes exhibition.

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