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Since 1999 Melbourne Filmoteca, a group of dedicated film lovers, have been bringing a steady supply of fresh Spanish and Portuguese language cinema to Melbourne audiences.


‘Amateurs’, Filmoteca’s July offering

Filmoteca aptly translates to ‘Film Library’ and if you lined up all the films screened over the years, you’d have a collection that would make many a cinephile salivate. We caught up with Ernesto Zelaya Miñano from Filmoteca to find out more.

So what is Melbourne Filmoteca and how long has it been around?
Melbourne Filmoteca has been around for a long time, way before I even came to Australia, and is a screening platform for Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese films. Not only does the program provide Melbourne audiences access to the cinema and culture of the region, it also helps all those expats, who decided to migrate over here, keep in touch with their roots; you’d be surprised how quickly we can forget how to speak in Spanish when we’re immersed in Australian culture!

With so many great films coming out of this region, how do you decide what to screen?
We want the movies on offer to be as varied as possible, so we’ll freely go from comedy to drama to documentaries and back; we also try and give some cover to short films, which have an even harder time finding a forum.

Some countries in Latin America have a more ingrained and varied film culture than others, but we still try and not lean too heavily in one direction. Variety is key, so we try to include films from all nationalities, genres and formats.

Can you give us a preview of the films can we look forward to in this year’s program?
Later in the year we’ll be screening Porfirio, a Colombian film that’s been making the rounds in many film festivals and we’ll also be screening Bar, El Chino,  a comedy about the history of a legendary bar in Buenos Aires.

But for a more immediate Filmoteca fix, join us on Tue 5 Jun for Rodrigo Pla’s La Zona, the story of an exclusive neighbourhood in Mexico D.F. whose inhabitants are tasked with keeping violence at bay. Watch the trailer here.

July’s offering follows the story of a young French girl who relocates to Spain to live with her estranged father. Gabriel Velázquez’s Amateurs screens on Tue 3 Jul.

– Reece Goodwin, Events Coordinator, ACMI

Melbourne Filmoteca present their program in bite-sized morsels on the first Tuesday of every month.

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