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James Nolen, ACMI 'Fashion on Film' programmer

James Nolen, ACMI ‘Fashion on Film’ programmer

Twice a year for the past five years, and in conjunction with Melbourne’s fashion weeks, we’ve been hosting a series of Fashion on Film programs celebrating some of the biggest stars and trends from the world of fashion.

Embarking on a program always begins with a theme. These often come about quite organically; a conversation I’ve had will spark an idea, or a strong mood or trend will literally leap off the runway at me. Other times it’s because I hear about a film in the making and wait almost patiently for it.

The latter is how our current season, Deep in Vogue, developed. Around 18 months ago, I had heard a rumour that writer and director Olivier Nicklaus was making a new film about the history of fashion. His 2010 film The Red Carpet Issue gave such an insightful look into the world of the hallowed carpet (who knew the politics!) that I knew this would be one to keep my eye on. As soon as I watched Fashion Pack, sparks started to fly and the program began to come together.

I started thinking of the designers deep within the industry – the  stars, the game changers, those synonymous with notable fashion moments – and it lead me to Tom Ford, the designer seminal to the remaking of Gucci and bringing sexiness back into fashion after the androgynous ‘90s. The team behind the Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind of… series had recently filmed this usually private and media shy man (Nicklaus also looks to him in Fashion Pack) and I knew this would be a perfect inclusion for the program.

Also deep in the fashion spectrum is Lanvin, and the man behind Lanvin; Alber Elbaz. His eye for detail, his passion and dedication makes Lanvin one of the most loved brands in the world.

Take a look at what it takes to bring together the 2012 collection and it’s easy to see why he’s an icon of the fashion world. A great clip from  The Day Before: Isabel Marant & Lanvin shows his attention to every detail of the show…even the final appearance of the runway floor!

As a side note: Madame Virtue have dressed our ACMI Store window in Lanvin, the blog Couturing captured the installation.

With this season of Deep In Vogue, I aimed to show a side of fashion often mislabelled as vacuous and without art. A closer look, which these films provide, unveil a world of passion, talent, stress and yes, a healthy dose of craziness but by no means emptiness.

The next season for L’Oreal Fashion Week in March 2013 is already percolating. I will keep you posted!

James Nolen, ACMI ‘Fashion on Film’ programmer

Deep in Vogue: Fashion on Film screens at ACMI from Monday 3 – Saturday 8 September 2012.

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