Eugenia Lim

Eugenia Lim, Melbourne-based video, performance and installation artist, is no stranger to the concept of exploring or questioning themes, such as identity race and culture.

There is a real humour in her work. A great example is her very savvy, four minute piece Young American (2005), where she investigates Australian identity at a time of heightened American cultural and political dominance. And she manages this all whilst channeling her inner David Bowie:

In Eugenia’s work Narcissus (2012), the artist simultaneously explores the growing capacity for amateur media creation and expression of self by the masses, while paying homage to the work of performance pioneers such as Marina Abramovic and Joan Jonas. Anyone with a webcam can now perform their own brand of 21st century ‘Broadcast Yourself’ narcissism.

Narratives of individual and cultural identity influenced by mass media are also present in Candice Breitz’s work The Audition, a part of The Woods (2012) trilogy. Both Lim and Breitz work and re-work the medium of video, teasing out strands of who we are in front of the camera and acting as the ultimate-mirror.

A still of 'Narcissus', a work that reflects and expands the medium of video

A still of ‘Narcissus’, a work that reflects and expands the medium of video

Eugenia is fearless in the way she turns the camera on herself – and while she most often casts herself as the central subject in her work – she is also very interested in what it means to walk in someone else’s shoes.

It was this facet of the ‘Profile Me’ project that attracted her. In 2010 she took this idea of inhabiting someone else’s life with a ‘life swap’ video work, which she created for a solo exhibition at Manningham gallery. Eugenia put out a call out for a resident in the Manningham region to trade places with her and live out a typical day in each other’s life. Katia, a local beautician, responded to this somewhat strange request and the result is a fascinating documentary / reality video work.

Eugenia has exhibited in some serious art venues and galleries including the Tate Modern, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), HUN Gallery NY, and FACT Liverpool. Eugenia is also a founding member of the temporal art collective Tape Projects and more recently, her practice has expanded to include live performances mediated through video and digital technologies.

Artistically, Eugenia is interested in the challenge of how possible or impossible it might be to create a truly accurate personal profile of someone else. Her approach is less about science and more focused on questions that prompt the poetic from her respondents.

So if you are quite partial to an online questionnaire and are excited about the possibility of having a digital portrait created by an amazing Australian artist this is a real ‘pick me’ opportunity.

– Helen Simondson, Screen Events Manager, ACMI

Eugenia Lim is one of four artists participating in Profile Me; a competition inspired by our current exhibition Candice Breitz: The Character. Visit the Profile Me hub for more information on how you can enter and be in the running to win your very own digital portrait.

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