On the Road: Wangaratta Screenings

Working together with the lovely folks at the Rural City of Wangaratta, ACMI recently presented its latest series of regional documentaries. Three premier screenings took place in the towns of Eldorado, Greta and Whitfield.

The gorilla sculpture featured in 'Artists of Eldorado'

The gorilla sculpture featured in ‘Artists of Eldorado’

The stories were developed with the assistance of the local council and in collaboration with community groups in each town. The final nine films showcase the diversity of the region and feature local farmers, artists, historians, ecologists and even a family who run a music festival.

The stories that unravel in each film not only impart a sense of strong community spirit, but also a very rich cultural and historical background.

A still from 'The Whitlands Plateau' documentary

A still from ‘The Whitlands Plateau’ documentary

The combined population of Eldorado, Greta, Whitfield and surrounds is approximately 800 people. Over 270 of them, more than one third of the region’s population attended the screenings. This speaks volumes about this project’s ability to bring together communities and celebrate local story telling.

There was a real buzz that the films captured the essence of their towns and celebrated what was great about living in the Wangaratta region.

We’d like to give a special thanks to Justine Ambrosio and Judith Turk from the council who worked tirelessly to set up and run each of the screenings and to our emcees John Bell in Eldorado, David Griffiths in Greta and Rachael Croucher in Whitfield.

The audience at the Greta premier screenings

The audience at the Greta premier screenings

The screenings captured a little piece of each region, from the Cook’s Family Farm of Upper Edi to the Folk, Rhythm and Life festival of Eldorado.

We also had the pleasure of screening the following films: The Pizzini Family, The Whitlands Plateau, The Greta Bunyip Newsletter, Greta Craft Group, The Greta Swamp, Artists of Eldorado and The Eldorado Museum. All these films are now available in the Australian Mediatheque and on our website.

– Csilla Csongvay, Producer, ACMI and Kim Montgomery, Media Studio Manager, ACMI

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