Screen It! Let the Games Begin

Video games have come a long way since Pong. Now the gaming universe is filled with characters so famous, they have streets in whole neighbourhoods named after them.

But where are video games headed and what will future creators do to challenge and inspire us? Perhaps the answer is closer than we think.

Our Screen It competition is designed to encourage and foster the next generation of young filmmakers, animators and, of course, budding video game developers. With hundreds of games submitted to date, it’s truly exciting to see the gaming world from a young developer’s perspective.

With entries for Screen It 2013 opening on 1 September, we asked Vincent Trundle of ACMI’s Education Team for his top five tips on creating a winning entry for the Best Video Game categories:

Keep It Simple

The look and feel of your game should be really simple, letting you and your players concentrate on the game play. You want the experience of playing the game to be memorable!

'Bins vs Rubbish' winner of Best Primary Game 2010

‘Bins vs Rubbish’ winner of Best Primary Game 2010

Watch the game play of Bins vs Rubbish.

Tell a Story

Just like a movie, your game should tell a story. The narrative should unfold naturally through game play as the player reaches the story’s climax at the end.

'The Respect Quest' winner of Best Primary Game 2011

‘The Respect Quest’ winner of Best Primary Game 2011

Take a journey in The Respect Quest.

Let your Imagination Run Wild

When planning your game, let your thoughts flow and don’t hold back! Brainstorm and list all your ideas for consideration, then pick the best ones and put them into a storyboard to see how they flow.

Have an Awesome Key Character

Players will enjoy playing your game if they like ‘being’ the character you have created. Create a character or avatar that will engage your audience and allow them to lead the way.

'You Don’t Belong Here' winner of Best Secondary Game 2012

‘You Don’t Belong Here’ winner of Best Secondary Game 2012

Play as the young adventurer in You Don’t Belong Here.

Challenge the Player

All good games are challenging and the challenges increase at every stage or level. Give your players something to achieve at each stage of play.

'Dream World' Secondary Game Entry 2012

‘Dream World’ Secondary Game Entry 2012

Armed with these tips, we hope all students entering the Best Video Game categories are ready to develop their own masterpieces.

Good Luck!


Entries are judged by industry experts, including Phil Larsen of Halfbrick, the Queensland-based team behind the worldwide video game phenomenon Fruit Ninja.

There’s still time to enter our Screen It 2013 competition and be in the running to win some great prizes and awards! Entries open on Sunday 1 September 2013 and close Friday 13 September 2013 at 5pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

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