Spectacle Director Showcase: Natasha Pincus

In celebration of our Spectacle exhibition, we’re interviewing Australian filmmakers who have created some of our country’s most iconic music videos to date.

The fabulous Natasha Pincus is a multi award-winning Australian music video director and producer. Among her many achievements, she’s won the Aria award for Best Music Video two years in a row now.

Photo of Natasha Pincus and Wally De Backer, aka Gotye

Natasha Pincus and Wally De Backer, aka Gotye

Her ground-breaking video for Gotye’s Somebody That I Used to Know went viral and has sparked many internet mash-ups and parodies. Currently, the clip has a staggering 430 million views on YouTube.

Natasha talks to us about getting her first big break making a music video for Paul Kelly, gives wonderful insight into her intense creative process and describes her tireless dedication to her work.

Natasha has also written her first feature film, which is now in production.

Stay tuned to hear about the filmmaking experiences of other prominent Australian music video directors. If you missed our first Spectacle Director Showcase interview with Paul Goldman, be sure to check it out.

Full versions of the interviews will be made available in the Australian Mediatheque.


Spectacle: The Music Video Exhibition is a historic collection of clips, recreated sets, props and costumes that spans the history of music videos. Open from Thursday 26 September to Sunday 23 February.

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2 Responses to “Spectacle Director Showcase: Natasha Pincus”

  1. Phenomenal? 03. Nov, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

    In the context of all other music videos that are any good, how is Pincus’ Gotye video ‘phenomenal’ in the slightest?

    Just because the song was a mammoth hit worldwide doesn’t obscure my view that the video is just a very naive arts and craft project. Even the parody videos online are so much more well crafted. Oh and as for the concept she created? Is there one? It’s simply camoflaging Gotye and Kimbra into a painting that Wally’s father did.

    Sorry for the trolling but it’s time to be realistic and critical if we’re creating a showcase of ‘the best’ music videos.

  2. Phenomenal! 15. Nov, 2013 at 11:49 pm #

    ‘Phenomenal’ is definitely a legitimate and fair way to describe the Gotye video made by Pincus!

    Firstly, this interview is about iconic Australian videos and in that context it definitely stands out amongst the content that is produced in Australia.

    The song and the visual themes of the video are so well integrated that referring to it as a ‘naive arts and craft project’ is in itself naive. The song deals with fragmentation and hurt and individuals that come together, separate, and leave a permanent mark on one another. That’s the song, and Pincus’ video beautifully and simply communicates this. Personally that message was clear, so I’m not sure how it could be confused as ‘simply camouflage’.

    I agree that the parody’s are fantastic. It’s always easy to copy something that you’ve seen done and to perhaps even make it more interesting. However I think that the incredible extent to which people have gone to pay homage to Pincus’ video only supports the notion that it is ‘Phenomenal’, not many videos have that kind of impact on an audience.

    Critique is great, but it should balanced and evidenced based. Not an uninformed opinion!

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