Castaway with Wesley Burt

Artist and game and production designer, Wesley Burt recently joined us for Desert Island Flicks, where he revealed his top five films of all time.

Wesley Burt has made his mark on the international design stage working with one of the most successful design studios for videogames and film, Massive Black.

Wesley has a portfolio that boasts a range of high-profile projects, including the Fallout game franchise, all four Transformer films, and work on various Lord of the Rings properties. The talented concept artist has also worked on projects with organisations from Microsoft and Sony, to Marvel, EA, and Capcom.

In Desert Island Flicks, Wesley discussed Pulp Fiction and his love of Tarantino, the sombre melancholy that lies beneath the whimsy of Amelie and also reflects on a favourite childhood film, Time Bandits.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Pulp Fiction


Time Bandits


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